2017 Delray Affair Commemorative Poster Artist

Artist Rebecca Loveless grew up in South Florida, she is often heard before seen as her laugh can fill any room. Loveless attended University of Florida studying the Visual Arts and graduated cum laude in 2004 then furthered her education in New York. At 24, the artist began her tattoo career and lived in Brooklyn for several years before returning back to the south. The ambitious artist then sought to make history and become the first tattoo parlor in Delray Beach. After running for 4yrs in Boca Raton, Tradition Tattoo opened in Delray Beach in June 2016. Loveless has now been tattooing close to a decade and feels rejuvenated by painting. Her small ocean vignettes and impressionist style bring life to local Delray scenery. The artist is prolific in small 6 x 6in canvases that would warm any small scale collector’s appetite.

Loveless married in November 2015, and is happily loved by her parents, husband, and of course all her pets.

2017 DA Poster Inspiration 

“South End 55” was based on a photo taken by the artist. This particular shot was “quintessential Delray” states Loveless. The Seagate Beach Club, tiny umbrellas, and catamarans encompass an idealistic spot for any local. A nod to the city’s 55th anniversary can be found on the side of the boat, as well as other touches that allow whimsy to flow across the canvas. This scouting brought to life a series of mangrove works. Nature, life, and the moment of seclusion are catalysts for the artist.


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