The Affair of the Arts Vendor Application 

Festival Dates & Hours:  APRIL 9-11, 2021
Fri & Sat: 10 am – 6 pm
Sun: 10 am – 5 pm

Shopping at the Delray Affair


$40 Application Fee (non-refundable) upon completion of online application


Please note: “applying” for the show does not mean that you are automatically in the show.  Your application must first be reviewed and approved online by our committee. You will receive notification of acceptance.

We ask for a payment plan as follows:

  •   Non-refundable application fee upon completion of online application.
  •   Balance of booth fee in full upon acceptance into show 

** 7% Florida Sales Tax will be added to booth fees at check-out**

  • Artist / Crafter Exhibitor $475 + $33.25 sales tax = $508.25
  • Business Exhibitor $550.00 + $38.50 sales tax = $588.50
  • Edibles Exhibitors $475 + $33.25 sales tax = $508.25
  • Buy/Sell Exhibitor $475 + $33.25 sales tax = $508.25
  • Non-Profit Exhibitor $450
  • Food 10×10 $1,050 + $73.50 sales tax = $1,123.50
  • Food 10×10 Non-Profit $650
  • Food Cart (6×6 space) $600 + $42.00 sales tax = $642.00
  • 10×10 Rental Pkg (Tent, Table, 2 Chairs & Sides) $280 + $19.60 sales tax = $299.60

Booth Spaces are 10’ X 10’ and work must be contained within the assigned space. You may not infringe on another space physically or audibly.  For double booth (10×20), you must select two booths.

An artist requesting a corner must either have the corner wall open or use the outside wall to display art.

Special booth space and special needs requests will be accepted but are not guaranteed. We will make every effort to meet all special requests on a first come, first served basis. Additional charges may apply. Please include all booth requests on the registration form.

During the show, all exhibits will be visited by a festival representative to ensure that they are in compliance with our festival policies. It is the exclusive right and responsibility of the Festival Staff to call for the removal of work that is not in compliance with the festival policies and requirements. Non-compliance may result in expulsion from the festival or refusal of future festival participation.

All tents are required to withstand winds and rain and be properly weighted. Properly weighting requires AT LEAST 40 pounds per leg (more in windy weather). Tents must be connected to weights with rope or straps, not bungee cords. Weights may not include cinderblocks or water jugs as they do not meet the 40 pound requirement. 

Balances Due:

Anyone with an outstanding balance, will not be permitted to exhibit at show. If determined that you have a balance due, you must pay cash upon check-in.








Food 10×10

Food Cart
(6x6 Space) 

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