Pat Kaufman award winning, self-taught watercolor artist, Pat is known for her bright tropical, Key West style of paintings. She lives in a Historic Pineapple Grove renovated cottage built in the 1930’s. Her home also serves as her work studio, teaching space and art gallery.

About the Artist

Pat, a long-time resident and local Delray Beach artist, is known for her bright tropical watercolors. Pat’s paintings are collected and shipped all over the U.S.A. and internationally. The customer who is furthest away purchased an original flamingo watercolor which is used as their company logo in Samoa. Pat loves to paint and teach painting, “It is such a joy, watching creativity evolve in my students is amazing.”  When people smile and enjoy her work she tells them, “I paint happy with whimsy and color, bringing joy and smiles to the eyes, heart, and soul”.

When asked about what inspired her to paint the Sundy House her response was;

“The Sundy House is an important part of Delray History. Starting with the fact that is was the home of the First Mayor of Delray Beach. The house was once an antique shop and tea house back when I first bought my two little historic cottages in Oshad. They held meetings there like the awards for best lighting at your home for the holidays. We won a prize for the light angels my son had me make and hang in our front yard.

Worell enterprises bought and renovated the property, it became a real show place and brought people from all over to celebrate family events there. We had my mother ‘s 80th birthday party there the whole family came and years later the celebration of her life. She loved luncheons in the tropical gardens and feeding the koi fish. Guest come from far and wide to attend events and some fall in love with Delray and stay or come back year after year to visit. This wonderful property with the carriage houses re-done for guest rooms is on the National Historic Trust and will be a part of the history of Delray Beach for generations to come.”